Series of NFTs of a Special Painting Performance



1996 the German painter David invites to his last art exhibition to his workshop Atelierscheune in the middle of the small town Odenthal. It became the « Talk of the Town » for many years. David shows his latest and secret works: a series of 7 paintings of guns. Greyscale oil paintings on white canvas. The collectors and visitors of the art exhibition and performance are fascinated by the accurate and fine realistic paintings and many talks are about caliber and military experience.

Without any announcement, David get a bunch of brushes he prepared with oil color, and overpainted all the gun images in a seamless rush. The audience was shocked! How can a painter destroy his works in seconds after working month and month of painting exact, almost photo realistic pictures of those guns?

The painting performance was filmed on video — but the film was lost by the cameraman

2013 — seventeen years later, an art curator saw one the works and asked if there are more for the international exhibition OSTRALE 013 at Dresden.No, there're none — and David decided to create a additional series of four new paintings: « Buss- und Bettag II ». Also the four works, each 170 cm high and 120 cm width, where shown in a row on a 12m wall. And also no one of the visitors in the show knows what would happen at that day.

... this time a video was taken and it's public.

You will also find it below.


So, finished the painting performance, the guns are gone under massiv layers of oil painting — what's perfect for the massage of this series of art.

But for the history of art it's possible to keep the underlaying painting alive and so David decided to create two series of NFTs as collectibles: « METALS NAKED — Buss- und Bettag » and « METALS NAKED — Buss- und Bettag II »


Download Flyer PDF | « Buss- & Bettag II »


Buss- & Bettag II – Painting Performance by DAVID

from David Grasekamp on Vimeo

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